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Bid NoBid TitleFunded by the American Investment and Recovery ActLBE Subcontracting GoalDue Date
Equipment, Supplies, and General Services (OCA)
Event ID 0000001372/TC 81700OCA-MTA-Uniforms for SFMTA & Depts As Needed - Changed  1/18/2019
Event ID 0000001449/TC 70886Renewable Diesel  1/11/2019
Event ID 0000001442Telescoping and Articulating Aerial Device on 19,500 lbs. Chassis  1/4/2019
Event ID 0000001433Horizontal Tub Grinder  1/4/2019
Event ID 0000001444OCA PUC - Sludge Sedimentation Assembly Parts  12/21/2018
Event ID 0000001418OCA PUC Gravity Belt Thickener Equipment Parts - New  12/21/2018
Event ID 0000001422OCA_PUC_HHP_VVMS PV_101KW - New  12/21/2018
Event ID 00000013972-3 Yard Mini Dump Truck mounted on a One Ton Cab and Chassis, Qty of 5  12/21/2018
Event ID 0000001381OCA_PRT_DUPLEX PUMP CONTROL PANEL - New  12/21/2018
Event ID 0000001411Cutaway Van with Parcel Delivery Body  12/20/2018
Event ID 0000001432Two Passenger, Street Legal, Four Wheel Electric Utility Cart  12/18/2018
0000001367 Notice of Intent to AwardMAILREPRO-CUTTER - New  12/18/2018
Event ID 0000001342 Notice of Intent to AwardHemodialysis Machines - New  12/17/2018
Event ID 0000001206 (TC 62000) Notice of Intent to AwardPowdered Activated Carbon - New  12/14/2018
Event ID 0000001403Tracked Brush Chipper (Federal Grant Funded)  12/14/2018
Event ID 000000139214.5 YARD 10-WHEEL DUMP TRUCK  12/14/2018
1000012519As-Needed Lighting Design Services No. 2  12/12/2018
Event ID 0000001381OCA_PRT_Duplex Pump  12/10/2018
Event ID 0000001322Secured Passenger Bus  12/10/2018
Event ID 0000001396OCA PUC Embarcadero LED Luminaries  12/10/2018
Event ID 0000001393/TC 68334-AAuctioning Services  12/7/2018
TC 72700OCA TC 72700 Exercise Equipment - Fire Fighters  12/7/2018
Event ID 0000001108 Notice of Intent to AwardOutfitting of 16 Police Pursuit Vehicles (Uncaged)  12/6/2018
Event ID 0000001109 Notice of Intent to AwardOutfitting of 32 Police Pursuit Vehicles (Caged)  12/6/2018
Event ID 0000001336Trailer-Mounted Mobile Generator  12/5/2018
Event ID 0000001379Trailer-mounted 25 Kva Mobile Generator, Qty of 2  12/5/2018
Event ID 0000001283 Notice of Intent to AwardScan Station  12/3/2018
Event ID 0000001250 Notice of Intent to AwardOCA-DCYF-Office Redesign  11/30/2018
Event ID 0000001356Electric Aerial (Scissor) Platform Lift  11/30/2018
OCA RFP 96104OCA RFP 96104 Lease, Rental, and/or Purchase of Multi-Function Copier Devices  11/30/2018
Event ID 0000001288 Notice of Intent to AwardOCA_PUC_HHP_MISSION BAY LED  11/29/2018
Event ID 0000001292 Notice of Intent to AwardOCA_PUC_HHP_DOLORES ST  11/29/2018
Event ID 0000001041 Notice of Intent to AwardMaintenance & Repairs of Standby Generators  11/29/2018
Event ID 0000001254 Notice of Intent to AwardOCA_PUC_HHP_TEARDROP LED  11/27/2018
Event ID 0000001327OCA-MTA-TC 68197 Towing and Roadside Assistance (Micro Set-Aside)  11/26/2018
Event ID 0000001320Retrofit Kit  11/26/2018
Event ID 0000001342OCA-DPH Hemodialysis Machines  11/26/2018
Event ID 0000001245 Notice of Intent to AwardMild Hybrid Insulated Aerial Device Mounted on a 19,500 lbs. Chassis  11/21/2018