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Bid NoBid TitleFunded by the American Investment and Recovery ActLBE Subcontracting GoalDue Date
Equipment, Supplies, and General Services (OCA)
17001603 Furniture Systems and ancillary furniture (amended)  6/17/2017
89400Hardware Supplies  6/16/2017
72253RFP-Tractor Drawn Aerial - Changed  6/12/2017
17001592 Lecturn - Office of the Medical Examiner (amended)  6/9/2017
17001589 Ancillary Furniture - Office of the Medical Examiner (amended)  6/9/2017
81106Uniforms Fire Department  6/9/2017
ITSF17000191/CDSFMTA Trailer Replacement  6/9/2017
76043ANotice of Bid Cancellation - Mechanical Joint Fittings - New  6/8/2017
17001311 FF&E EQUIPMENT AND APPLIANCES (open)  6/7/2017
RFQ 96000Request for Qualifications for Systems Furniture - City Hall Administration Offices  6/6/2017
17001303 Small Steam Sterilizer (amended)  6/2/2017
17001567 Four Wheel Electric Cart (open)  6/2/2017
17001583 Repro Paper (open)  6/2/2017
17001538 DEM IBM MAINFRAME (amended)  6/2/2017
17001609 SFPUC ORACLE Licenses & Maintenance (open)  6/2/2017
ITSF17000194/CDBatteries & UPS, YUSA & APC Smart- UPS - New - Changed  6/2/2017
17001284Notice of Intent to Award - Vibratory Hammer - New  6/2/2017
WP17001146Notice of Intent to Award - New Chassis & Mounting of Existing Crane - New  5/31/2017
TC 83672Notice of Intent to Award - Micro LBE Set Aside Janitorial Services for 555 7th Street - New  5/30/2017
ITSF17000168/RQAT17000040Notice of Intent to Award - Hydraulic Testing Machine - New  5/30/2017
TC 68200ANotice of Intent to Award - Shuttle Services ZSFGH to 24th Street - New  5/30/2017
Equipment, Supplies, and General Services
SFMTA 2017-55Siemens Light Rail Vehicle Parts - New  6/26/2017
SFMTA-2017-56(IFB) Tow Tractors for Bus and Rail Maintenance - Changed  6/9/2017
SFMTA-2017-48(IFB) Self Propelled Ultrasonic Rail Inspection Vehicle  5/31/2017
SFMTA 2017-38RFI - Next Generation Customer Information System - Changed  5/12/2017
Architects and Engineers
SFMTA 2017-27Design Review yes6/20/2017
NonePlanning, Engineering, and Environmental Services for the Seawall Resiliency Project yes6/2/2017
Concessions and Leases
NoneInternational Terminal Duty Free and Luxury Stores Leases  9/15/2017
NoneRFP Shoeshine Service Lease  7/20/2017
NoneInternational Terminal Newsstand and Specialty Retail Concession Leases  7/7/2017
NoneInternational Terminal "A" Coffee Kiosk Concession Lease  7/7/2017
NoneInternational Terminal "A" Historic Restaurant Concession Lease  7/7/2017
NoneInternational Terminal "A" Food Hall and Cafe Concession Lease  7/7/2017
NoneRFB - DomesticTerminals Automated Teller Machines Lease A and Lease B  6/30/2017
NoneDPW List of Construction Awards & Certificate of Completions - Updated 8/16/2012 - Changed  6/30/2025