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Bid NoBid TitleFunded by the American Investment and Recovery ActLBE Subcontracting GoalDue Date
Equipment, Supplies, and General Services (OCA)
RFQ#APD2019-01RFQ#APD2019-01 Pre-Employment Background Investigations  5/13/2019
Event ID 000000195812-Wheel Concrete Mixer Truck - New  4/26/2019
Event ID 00000019033-4 Yard Mini Dump Truck with a Skid-Mounted Watering Unit - Changed  4/23/2019
Event ID 0000001886 (TC 86203)Armed Security Services for DPH Neighborhood Clinics  4/19/2019
Event ID 0000001839Fuel Calibration Unit mounted on a 16,000 lbs. GVWR Regular Cab & Chassis  4/19/2019
ENVCT1802RBayREN Commercial Pay-for-Performance Program Allies Rebid - Changed  4/19/2019
Event ID 0000001828 Notice of Intent to AwardOCA-REC-2WD Utility Cart - New  4/18/2019
Event ID 0000001722 Notice of NO Award4-Wheel Drive Backhoe/Loader (Qty of 2)  4/15/2019
Event ID 0000001817 Notice of Intent to AwardOutfitting of Ford Police Interceptor Utilities  4/10/2019
Event ID 0000001815 Notice of Intent to AwardOutfitting of Ford Fusion Hybrid Sedans  4/10/2019
Event ID 0000001808 Notice of Intent to AwardAn Outfront Rotary Ride-On Mower with 72" Recycle Deck (Qty of 2)  4/9/2019
Event ID 00000001809Trailer-Mounted Mobile Generator  4/9/2019
Event ID 0000001845Trailer-mounted 25 Kva Mobile Generator, Qty of 2  4/9/2019
Event ID 0000001881OCA-LIB-Aerial Work Platform Lift  4/8/2019
Event ID 0000001426 Notice of NO AwardOCA TC 75800 Misc Parts/Materials_Public Safety  4/8/2019
Event ID 0000001791 Notice of Intent to AwardGasoline SUV PPVs with Upfitting (Caged – Qty. 24)  4/8/2019
Event ID 0000001792 Notice of Intent to AwardGasoline SUV PPVs with Upfitting (Uncaged – Qty. 10),  4/8/2019
Event ID 0000000841 Notice of Intent to AwardRestaurant Supplies and Materials  4/5/2019
Event ID 0000001632 Notice of Intent to Award3-Axle Truck with Rear Loading Refuse Body  4/4/2019
Event ID 0000001806 Notice of Intent to AwardSIGNSP-MULTICAMR  4/3/2019
Event 0000001608 Notice of Intent to AwardLease-Agility Equipment  4/2/2019
79400Calibration and Misc. Public Safety Supplies  4/1/2019
Event ID 00000018044WD Front Mower without Mower Deck  3/26/2019
Event ID 0000001782OCA TC 66358 Ferric/Ferrous Chloride  3/25/2019
Event ID 0000001608Agility Equipment - Changed  3/25/2019
Event ID 0000001791Emergency Vehicle Upfit (Caged - Qty. 24)  3/22/2019
Event ID 0000001792Emergency Vehicle Upfit (Uncaged - Qty. 10)  3/22/2019
Event ID 0000001760 Notice of Intent to AwardOutfitting of Medium Roof Vans  3/20/2019
Event ID 0000001788OCA PUC Grinder and Cutter Cartridge Replacement  3/20/2019
Event ID 0000001686 (TC 88329)Bottled Water, Dispensers and Supplies  3/18/2019
Event ID 0000001545 Notice of Intent to AwardGate Valve Operator Mounted on a One Ton Extended Cab Truck (Qty of 5)  3/18/2019
Event ID 0000001646 Notice of Intent to AwardOCA-Information Technology Research - RFP  3/18/2019
Event ID 0000001680 Notice of Intent to Award26,000 GVWR Moving Truck  3/18/2019
Event ID 0000001755OCA_LIB_TOTE BAGS  3/15/2019
Event ID 00000017572-Wheel Drive Turf Utility Vehicle  3/11/2019
Event ID 0000001760Outfitting of 3 Ford Transit Vans  3/8/2019
Event ID 0000001742Diesel-Powered, Dual Engine 7.3 Cubic Yard Municipal Street Sweeper  3/8/2019
Event ID 0000001688OCA-DPH Advanced ICU Amplifier, EEG - Changed  3/7/2019