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Bid NoBid TitleFunded by the American Investment and Recovery ActLBE Subcontracting GoalDue Date
Equipment, Supplies, and General Services (OCA)
Event ID 0000001686 (TC 88329)Bottled Water, Dispensers and Supplies  3/18/2019
Event ID 0000001688OCA-DPH Advanced ICU Amplifier, EEG - New  3/5/2019
Event ID 000000168026,000 GVWR Moving Truck - Changed  3/1/2019
Event ID 00000016323-Axle Truck with Rear Loading Refuse Collection - Changed  3/1/2019
Event ID 0000001640 Notice of Intent to AwardAqua Ammonia - New  2/28/2019
Event ID 0000001321 Notice of NO AwardOCA_PUC_HHP_POST TOP LED - New  2/28/2019
Event ID 0000001433 Notice of Intent to AwardHorizontal Grinder - New  2/27/2019
Event ID 0000001389 Notice of NO AwardCubic Yard 6-Wheel Street Sweeper - New  2/27/2019
Event ID 0000001676Gasoline-Powered Stand-On Blower  2/26/2019
Event ID 0000001591 Notice of Intent to AwardKubota Pipe and Fittings - New  2/25/2019
Event ID 0000001572 Notice of Intent to AwardDT-IT-104584-Upg Network Infra - New  2/25/2019
Event ID 0000001181 (TC 81135) Notice of Intent to AwardLow Pressure Fire Hydrants - New  2/22/2019
Event ID 0000001439 Notice of Intent to AwardOCA-DPW-Towable Air Compressors - New  2/22/2019
Event ID 0000001545Gate Valve Operator Mounted on a One Ton Extended Cab Truck (Qty of 5) - Changed  2/22/2019
Event ID 0000001392 Notice of Intent to Award14.5 Yard 10-Wheel Dump Truck - New  2/21/2019
Event ID 0000001594 Notice of Intent to AwardOCA AIR Milling Machine - New  2/20/2019
Event ID 0000001389 Notice of Intent to Award7.3 Cubic Yard 6-Wheel Street Sweeper  2/20/2019
Event ID 0000001399 Notice of Intent to Award2-3 Yard Mini Dump Truck  2/20/2019
Event ID 0000001563 Notice of Intent to AwardOCA-REC-Towable Stump Grinder   2/19/2019
Event ID 0000001372/TC 81700OCA-MTA-Uniforms for SFMTA & Depts As Needed - Changed  2/15/2019
Event ID 0000001573 Notice of Intent to AwardDT-IT 104585 Firewall PA7080  2/14/2019
Event ID 0000001556 Notice of Intent to AwardTowable Stump Grinder (Qty of 4)  2/12/2019
Event ID 0000001592 Notice of Intent to AwardRemote-Controlled Track Drive Stump Grinder  2/12/2019
Event ID 0000001654Field Rake  2/12/2019
Event ID 0000001387 Notice of Intent to AwardOCA_PUC_HHP_OH_Panels_Inverters  2/11/2019
Event ID 0000001540 Notice of Intent to Award11,000 GVWR Pressure Washer Truck  2/8/2019
Event ID 0000001579 Notice of Intent to AwardMetal Restroom Door Repair  2/8/2019
Event ID 0000001411 Notice of Intent to AwardOCA-LIB-Cutaway  2/8/2019
Event ID 0000001640Aqua Ammonia  2/8/2019
Event ID 0000001552 Notice of Intent to AwardOCA-DPW-Skid Steer Loader  2/7/2019
Event ID 0000001397 Notice of Intent to Award2-3 Yard Mini Dump on 1 Ton Cab & Chassis  2/7/2019
Event ID 0000001581 Notice of Intent to AwardOCA_PUC_WTR_CYANOTOXIN AUTOMATED ANALYSIS SYSTEM  2/7/2019
Event ID 0000001473 Notice of Intent to AwardIV Poles, Pryor Products  2/5/2019
Event ID 0000001449 Notice of Intent to AwardOCA TC 70886 Renewable Diesel  2/5/2019
Event ID 0000001614OCA_DT_NON-IT 104209 FBR OTC  2/1/2019
Event ID 0000001534 Notice of Intent to Award125-Gallon, Oil-Jacketed, Towable Melter/Pavement Sealer with 100 CFM Screw Type Air Compressor  1/31/2019
Event ID 0000001442 Notice of Intent to AwardArticulating Aerial Device with 45 ft. Working Height  1/31/2019
Event ID 0000001604COMPACT TRACKED UTILITY LOADER  1/31/2019
Event ID 00000016012-Passenger, 4-Wheel Electric Cart  1/30/2019