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Bid NoBid TitleFunded by the American Investment and Recovery ActLBE Subcontracting GoalDue Date
Equipment, Supplies, and General Services (OCA)
RFP 98003On-line Automotive Service Appointment Program - New  6/28/2016
60691Medical Waste Management Services - Changed  6/13/2016
16-000265-CDITS 340 SFMTA CONTROLLER CABINETS (FTA) - New  6/10/2016
16-000267-MQOSH DAM UPS-15KVA UPS SYSTEM - New  6/7/2016
16-000252-CDGO-4 INTERCEPTORS - Changed  6/6/2016
76052Ductile Iron Gate Valves and Tapping Sleeves - Changed  6/3/2016
88601Foods and Food Service Items-Juvenile Probation Department  6/3/2016
WP16001343 Notice of Intent to AwardTrailer Mounted Mobile Generator - New  6/1/2016
16001426 4x4 ALL-TERRAIN UTILITY VEHICLE (amended)  5/31/2016
WP16001312 Notice of Intent to AwardMicro LBE Set Aside - Wayfinding Signs for the Port - New  5/31/2016
16001260 Drydocking and Repairs for Fireboat Guardian (amended)  5/27/2016
16001347 FEMA Grant Funded - Infrared Laser Training Platform (open)  5/27/2016
16001402 Office Furniture (open)  5/27/2016
16001407 Airfield Buses (amended)  5/27/2016
WP16001210 Notice of Intent to AwardMounted Portable Generator - New  5/27/2016
82557Towels, Mats and Mops  5/27/2016
Equipment, Supplies, and General Services
APS15016As-Needed Cleaning Program Services (Micro LBE Set-Aside Program) - New - Changed  6/10/2016
RFQ No. 50066RFQ for Provision of Aircraft Servicing to Air Carriers Operating at San Francisco International Airport  6/7/2016
PT042916Public Toilets and Advertising Kiosks (Re-Advertised)  6/3/2016
2779Contract No. 2779 PIER 33 NEW FIRE STANDPIPE SYSTEM yes3/8/2016
27762776 Maintenance Dredging  2/16/2016
Architects and Engineers
FPA16125Engineering and Specialized Services for San Francisco Animal Care and Control Facility Project - New yes6/29/2016
Concessions and Leases
NoneTerminal 3 Boarding Area F and Terminal 1 Boarding Area C Food and Beverage Concession Leases  8/24/2016
NoneTerminal 3 Retail Marketplace Lease - 2016  7/13/2016
NoneSnack and Beverage Vending Lease  6/16/2016
NoneDPW List of Construction Awards & Certificate of Completions - Updated 8/16/2012 - Changed  6/30/2025
NoneDPW Emergency Contractors List - Continuous Solicitation (Updated 9/19/08)  12/31/2020
NoneERROR yes8/20/2018
RFQ# DBI2012-13 Emergency ServicesDBI Emergency Contractors List  12/30/2017
NoneGSA Real Estate Division, Fire Protection, Fire Alarm & Security Systems Special Services - Continuous Solicitation  6/30/2017
NoneGSA Real Estate Division, Elevator and Escalator Special Services - Continuous Solicitation  6/30/2017
7731ARFQ - Moscone Convention Center Facilities Expansion Project Trade Subcontractors Packages - SEE DESCRIPTION FOR INDIVIDUAL TRADE PACKAGE INFORMATION ***2 of 2 *** - Changed  12/31/2016
7731ARFP - Moscone Convention Center Facilities Expansion Project Trade Subcontractors Packages - SEE DESCRIPTION FOR INDIVIDUAL BID PACKAGE INFORMATION (1 of 2) - Changed  12/31/2016