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Bid NoBid TitleFunded by the American Investment and Recovery ActLBE Subcontracting GoalDue Date
Equipment, Supplies, and General Services (OCA)
15-000677-CDAerial Truck on 19,500 Lbs. Chassis  7/20/2015
15-000679-CD Stencil Truck with Battery Operated Sys  7/17/2015
15-000678-CDMini-Tractor, Accessories & XUV - New  7/17/2015
15-000678-CDMINI-TRACTOR, ACCESSORIES & XUV - New  7/17/2015
15-000611-MQMILLING MACHINE - New  7/14/2015
15-000673-CDNeurology System  7/13/2015
CP 75945Street and Sewer Material for Rock, Gravel, Sand & Asphaltic Concrete Aggregates - Changed  7/13/2015
CP 75961 Asphalt, Grindings, Concrete Dumping - Changed  7/13/2015
15-000665-CDREPRO MAIL WHITE PAPER  7/10/2015
15-000667-CDREPRO PAPER PER SV  7/10/2015
15-000672-CDARGON PLASMA COAGULATOR  7/10/2015
15-000681-CDWindow Coverings War Memorial - Changed  7/10/2015
15-000666-CDPipe Repair Couplings  7/10/2015
15000871 735ffv 01549 realm ss steel wall mount box (open)  7/9/2015
15-000660-MQWAVE RELAY RADIO  7/9/2015
15-000661-MQTWO (2) KEYWATCHER SYSTEMS - Changed  7/9/2015
RFP 97301 notice of intent to awardAcquisition of Library Materials - New  7/9/2015
15-000682-MQChiller Unit - New  7/9/2015
RFP 66402 notice of intent to awardSodium Percarbonate - New  7/8/2015
15-000659-MQChemical Piping  7/8/2015
15000816 colt m4 patrol rifles (amended)  7/6/2015
15-000658-CDOil for Auto Transformers  7/6/2015
15-000653-CD"CRASH CARTS" FOR SFGH  7/6/2015
15-000641-CD notice of intent to awardCable - New  7/6/2015
15-000645-CD notice of intent to awardSFMTA Operator Uniforms - New  7/3/2015
CP 77000 notice of intent to awardElectrical Materials, Supplies and Fixtures - New  7/3/2015
2654J911 Emergency Building Filter Rack Replacement  7/2/2015
Equipment, Supplies, and General Services
SFMTA 2015-57IFB for As-Needed Printed Production Materials (FTA) - New - Changed yes7/17/2015
SFMTA 2015-56IFB for As-Needed Printed Production Materials (Local Funding) Micro-LBE Set-Aside - New - Changed yes7/17/2015
Architects and Engineers
SFMTA 2015-47Facility Condition Assessment and Space Planning yes7/14/2015
APA15088As-Needed Multi-Discipline Construction Management Services (Micro-LBE Set-Aside Program) - Changed yes6/30/2015
APA15087As-Needed Multi-Discipline Construction Management Services - Changed yes6/29/2015
APE15116As-Needed Geotechnical Engineering Services 2015 yes6/18/2015
Concessions and Leases