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Public Works, Department of
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Public Works Emergency Vendors List - Continuous Solicitation (Updated 1/17/17)
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DPW is seeking contractors to perform work for the City in the event of an emergency & will create a list of contractors to obtain construction services on an emergency basis in accordance with the San Francisco Administrative Code Section 6.60 requirements. The emergency work will be performed on a time & materials basis with a not to exceed amount unless authorized by DPW.

Contractors interested in being placed on this list should submit a cover letter requesting to be placed on the list with a completed questionnaire (attached below). Submit the cover letter & questionnaire by regular mail or email to:

San Francisco Public Works
Contract Administration
1155 Market Street, 4th Floor
San Francisco, CA 94103

DPW will accept requests to be placed on the Contractors’ List on a continuous basis. DPW reserves the right to refuse any Contractor a place on the list. Contractors shall update their information by submitting a new questionnaire with the updated information clearly highlighted to the above address. The Contractor may remove itself from the list by notifying DPW in writing, at the above address. Contractors must agree to perform emergency work & will be required to respond & mobilize to perform work at a job site within 2 to 4 hours. Contractors must also submit valid insurance certificates prior to start of any fieldwork.

The attached Questionnaire was revised on 1/1/2017 to add new information. If you have already submitted a completed questionnaire, you will not be required to fill out another form until you submit new or annual updates whichever comes first.

A revised Announcement with a new contact person has been posted in a .pdf format (1/1/2017)


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Contract Aministration

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(415) 554-6229

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