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10072.66 TBP 12.0
Airport Commission
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TBP 12.0 Construction Logistics Support Package
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2:00 PM
Estimated Cost:
TBP 12.0: $1,000,000 plus

Hensel Phelps (Design-Builder) is seeking Statement of Qualifications from prospective Subcontractors to propose on the Construction Logistics Support Bid Package that is part of the “Courtyard 3 Connector (C3C) Project” at San Francisco International Airport, San Francisco, CA.

The SFIA Courtyard 3 Connector Project will consist of demolition of a specified portion of the existing Terminal 2 structure and design and construction of a new pre-security and post-security connector between Terminal 2 and Terminal 3, as well as an approximately 113,000 square foot 6-Story adjacent building for office space, tenant lease space, passenger amenities, lounges and other Airport and tenant needs. The Project is to be designed and constructed to meet LEED Gold certification and a Net Zero operation (if deemed achievable). Construction will be coordinated in order to keep airport operations functioning and passenger movement uninterrupted. SFIA Courtyard 3 Connector Project direct construction value is anticipated to be $174 million.

The Construction Logistics Support Bid Package 12.0 includes but may not be limited to providing Group 3 Laborers and Carpenters comprised of Local (San Mateo or San Francisco County) Journeyman and Apprentices to supplement and support the Construction Logistics labor requirements for the project. Labor crew will be required to perform general requirements related tasks including safety measures, project site access points from active terminal, SWPPP maintenance, temporary facilities, and temporary measures such as walls, site fence, signage, traffic control, etc. Construction logistics support work is anticipated to start third quarter 2019.

This Project is subject to a Project Labor Agreement (PLA). In addition to the PLA, Design-Builder is signatory to the Carpenters, the Laborers and the Cement Finishers unions. Any work that falls under the jurisdiction of these three trades will have to be performed by a firm(s) signatory to the applicable union(s).

It is the Projects’ intent to achieve strong community support in the construction through use of Local Business Enterprises and local construction workforce. Proposers will be allowed to have second-tier and third-tier subcontractors in order to meet the City’s Local Business Enterprise (LBE) participation goals and goals established by Design-Builder. Per the Pre-Qualification requirements, each trade package bid is required to meet a percentage goal within their bid. Bid discounts for certified LBE-certified contractors do not apply to the trade packages. The LBE participation for this trade bid package is to be 100%.

Proposers shall submit, and be evaluated on, information with respect to their experience on projects of similar size, scope and complexity. The information shall include general and specific experience, claim and surety history, financials, ability to meet schedule and budget requirements and general management and coordination.

Those applicants who meet prequalification criteria and are deemed prequalified to perform work related to their respective trades, will be invited to submit a bid. Applicants who do not submit the prequalification application or do not meet the prequalification criteria will be ineligible to bid. Applicants must hold a valid California contractor’s license specific to the trades you are prequalifying for, meet project insurance requirements, and obtain corporate surety (payment and performance) bonds in order to be eligible for award. Applicants must fill out all prequalification forms completely.

Proposers must hold a valid California contractor’s license specific to the trades being prequalified for, have a current DIR registration, meet project insurance requirements, and obtain corporate surety (payment and performance) bonds in order to be eligible for award.

Bid documents including Instructions To Bidders for this Bid Package will be available to pre-qualified Proposers mid to late May 2019. A Pre-bid meeting with the pre-qualified Proposers may be held shortly after issuance of the RFP Documents.

Hensel Phelps Construction Co. is an Equal Employment Opportunity Employer. We encourage and actively solicit bids from qualified Small, Minority, Women, Disadvantaged, Disabled Veteran, HUB subcontractors and suppliers on all of our projects.

Proposers must fill out the pre-qualification forms completely. All pre-qualification forms must be submitted to Hensel Phelps Construction Co. (Attn: Jose A. Martinez) no later than April 30th, 2019 2:00 PM PDT. (E-mail Submission is acceptable – with hard copies followed in the mail.

To obtain a copy of the Pre-qualification documents for the Project please contact: Jose A. Martinez at 408-454-2768 or


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Jose A Martinez

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