Bid Document

Bid Request Information
Bid Type:
Equipment, Supplies, and General Services (OCA)
Bid Number:
Event ID 0000001782
Bid Title:
OCA TC 66358 Ferric/Ferrous Chloride
Bid Due:
Time Due:
2:00 PM
Estimated Cost:

Please note that this solicitation will be carried out through the City’s new PeopleSoft Supplier Portal.

Please locate this solicitation on the PeopleSoft Supplier Portal under Event Name OCA TC 66358 - Ferric/Ferrous Chloride with Event Number 0000001782.

The Supplier Portal is located at: . All solicitation document downloads and proposal submissions will be done through the Supplier Portal.

In order to submit a [bid/proposal]:

Proposers must register as a Sourcing Bidder or already registered as a Supplier in the PeopleSoft system.
Go to the PeopleSoft Supplier Portal to find solicitations.
Accept the Invitation.
Bid on Event.

For more information about the Supplier Portal, visit our SF City Partner website at:

If you experience any issues, please email or call the Supplier Support Desk at 415-944-2442 Ext 1 during normal business hours from 9am to 5pm.

To obtain a bid package, download the attached files. Then use the e-mail link (below) to let the Office of Contract Administration (OCA) know - - that will get you on the mailing list for Change Notices. Include your postal mail address. Do not call the buyer to request a bid package. Call the buyer only to ask questions about this specific bid or the bid process.