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Consultants and Professional Services
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RFQ 800
Human Services
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Request for Qualifications #800 for OECE Pilot Innovation Fund
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In partnership with the Human Services Agency (HSA), the San Francisco Office of Early Care and Education (OECE) is seeking applications for a pilot Innovation Fund. The 2018 Fund aims to test new ideas with a focus on results related to one or more of the Office’s six impact areas from the San Francisco Citywide Plan for Early Care and Education: 1) Birth to Five Approach 2) Racial Equality and Diversity 3) Quality Improvement 4) Family Engagement 5) Professional Development and Workforce 6) Financing Models Please see Section II.B for a description of these impact areas. Applicants are encouraged to identify which of the six impact areas are expected to be improved through the proposed idea. Promising new approaches in each area are encouraged. Given current workforce conditions, proposals in the Professional Development and Workforce impact area which seek to improve San Francisco’s early educator recruitment, retention, and promotion strategies will be given priority. The estimated funding amount available for this RFQ is $250,000 - $700,000 for an estimated three to six one-time pilot fund grants. Awarded grants will have a tentative term from June 1, 2018 to May 31, 2019. Selection of a qualified provider from the pool will be made at SF-HSA’s discretion, not by rank order of the RFQ scoring array. Providers must qualify for the pool in order to be contracted for Innovation Fund services. OECE/HSA has the sole, absolute discretion to exercise this option, and reserves the right to enter into grants of a shorter or longer duration. Payment for all services provided in accordance with provisions under this grant shall be contingent upon the availability of funds. The City shall not be required to provide any definite units of services, guarantee any minimum amount of funding for these services, or guarantee a resulting contract following qualification for the pool of providers.

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1650 Mission Street, Suite 312, San Francisco, CA 94103

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Elizabeth Léone

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415 557-5727
415 557-5679

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