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Consultants and Professional Services
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EP 17-01
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As-Needed Consultant Services for Environmental, Transportation, Historic Resources, and Archeological Review
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Time Due:
2 years
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As-Needed Pre-qualified pool

The San Francisco Planning Department (Department) is seeking to create four pools of qualified consultants (“Pool[s]”). Each Pool of consultants will have expertise in one of the following areas: 1) Environmental Impact Reports (“EIR[s]”) and other California Environmental Quality Act (“CEQA”) documents; 2) transportation impact analyses; 3) historic resource evaluations; and 4) archeological documents for environmental evaluation and mitigation phases. The San Francisco Administrative Code Chapter 31 designates the Planning Department’s Office of Environmental Review (“EP”) as the lead agency for public and private projects within San Francisco and/or under the jurisdiction of San Francisco departments. Based on responses to this Request for Qualifications (“RFQ”), it is the intent of the Planning Department to create pre-qualified pools of consultants from which the Planning Department will choose prospective consultants for publicly-sponsored and privately-sponsored projects requiring complex analyses in the applicable topic area(s) on an as-needed basis as indicated below in Section 2, Scope of Work. Other City departments may also elect to select consultants from one of the Pools to undertake environmental or other relevant review of a City department-sponsored project or proposal. These consultant pools may be utilized by the City, at its sole and absolute discretion, for consultant selection and negotiations during the term the pool is in effect. No pre-qualified or selected Respondent is guaranteed work, either through a City contract for City-sponsored projects or work with an applicant for privately-sponsored project. The pool of qualified consultants established as a result of this solicitation shall have an original term of two years. In addition, the City shall have the option to extend the term for a period of up to two additional years, which the City may exercise in its sole, absolute discretion.

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1650 Mission Street, Suite 400 Room 431San Francisco, CA 94103

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Belle La

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