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Equipment, Supplies, and General Services
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Public Works, Department of
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6 years
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Not to exceed $3,000,000.


The City and County of San Francisco (“City”), San Francisco Public Works (“Public Works”) announces a Request for Qualification (“RFQ”) seeking qualified consultants (Proposers) for the formation of a Furniture, Fixtures, and Equipment Management Team (“FF&E Management Team”) to provide professional Furniture, Fixtures, and Equipment (FF&E) management services for projects under the 2016 Public Health and Safety (PHS) Bond Program.

The City will select a FF&E Management Team to provide management services necessary for the procurement, coordination, installation of new FF&E, temporary staging/storage, and relocation and/or disposal of identified FF&E for various projects in the program.

Anticipated FF&E to be procured (and within the scope of the FF&E Management Team) include, but may not be limited, to the following program components and associated projects and forecasted and estimated FF&E budgets for each program component:

• Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital, Building 5 (i.e. Dialysis Relocation, Public Health Laboratory Relocation, Urgent Care Clinic Renovation, Physical Therapy Relocation) (Budget: $11-24 Million)
• Community Health Centers (Southeast, Castro Mission, Maxine Hall) (Budget: $4.6 Million)
• Homeless Service Sites (various shelter locations) (Budget: $2 Million)

The highest-ranked firm responding to this RFQ will be selected as the FF&E Management Team.

Negotiations and finalization of scope of services will commence with the highest ranked firm. Award of contract neither guarantees all or a portion of the work described herein, nor does it guarantee that the entire amount of award would be expended. The contract dollar amount awarded does not represent a guaranteed revenue source for the successful Proposers. The City reserves the right to commence, terminate, reduce, or extend the Proposers’ scope of services at any time in response to changing needs of the program.

Digital files of the RFQ Package may be downloaded at no cost at: Notices regarding Addenda and other proposal changes will be distributed by email to Plan Holders. It is the responsibility of Proposers to confirm receipt of any and all addenda issued for this RFQ. Please visit Public Works’ Contracts, Bid Opportunities and Payments webpage at: for more information.

A Pre-Proposal Conference for Proposers/Joint Ventures (JV) will be held 10:00 A.M. on August 8, 2017 at the Public Works’ Building Design and Construction Main Conference Room, 30 Van Ness Avenue, Suite 4100, San Francisco, California 94102.

There will be an opportunity for questions and answers during the Pre-Proposal Conference. Questions from interested Proposers will be addressed at this conference, and any new applicable information will be provided at that time. While City staff may provide oral clarifications, explanations, or responses to any inquiries, the City is not bound by any oral representation. If any new and/or substantive information is provided in response to questions raised at the pre-proposal conference, it will be memorialized in a written addendum to this RFQ. Responses to questions that arise at the pre-proposal conference and received by the final date to submit questions will also be answered and incorporated in a written addendum to this RFQ.

All requests for clarification of any ambiguities, discrepancies, inconsistencies, or questions concerning the RFQ, whether submitted before or after the pre-proposal conference, must be in writing and emailed to Jumoke Akin-Taylor at no later than 4:00 P.M., August 18, 2017.

Substantive replies, clarifications, interpretations, or changes to the RFQ will be made by written addendum, and shall become part of this RFQ. For more information see also Section 11. It is the responsibility of the Proposer to confirm receipt of any and all addenda issued for this RFQ.

Proposers shall submit their Proposal Package as specified herein to the address listed below, by 4:00 P.M. Pacific Time, September 01, 2017. Determination of the official time will be made via  

City and County of San Francisco, San Francisco Public Works / Project Management, 30 Van Ness Avenue, Suite 4100, San Francisco, CA 94102, Attn: Jumoke Akin-Taylor

Late submittals will not be considered. Digital files of the RFQ package may be downloaded at no cost at: Notices regarding Addenda and other RFQ changes will be posted to Additional information is available from the Public Works’ Contracts, Bid Opportunities and payments webpage at:

The requirements of the Local Business Enterprise Ordinance set forth in Chapter 14B of the San Francisco Administrative Code as it now exists or as it may be amended in the future (collectively the “LBE Ordinance”) shall apply to this RFQ.

In accordance with San Francisco Administrative Code Chapter 6, no proposal is accepted and no contract in excess of $600,000 is awarded by the City and County of San Francisco until such time as (a) the Mayor or the Mayor''''''''s designee approves the contract for award and (b) the Director of Public Works then issues an order of award. Pursuant to Charter Section 3.105, all contract awards are subject to certification by the Controller as to the availability of funds.

This Contract is subject to the requirements of Administrative Code Chapter 12X, which prohibits the City from entering into any Contract with a Consultant that has its United States headquarters in a state with laws that perpetuate discrimination against LGBT populations (“Covered State”) or where any or all of the work on the contract will be performed in any of those states. A list of states on the Covered State List can be found at:  


8/8/17 - Pre-proposal documents posted to

8/16/17 - LBE Subcontractor Request #1 posted.

8/30/17 - Addendum #1 posted.

8/31/17 - Addendum #2 posted.


Pre-bid Conference
Public Works’ Building Design and Construction Main Conference Room, 30 Van Ness Avenue, Suite 4100, San Francisco, California 94102

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Jumoke Akin-Taylor

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