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Bid Request Information
Bid Type:
Equipment, Supplies, and General Services (OCA)
Bid Number:
Bid Title:
Personal Protection Equipment
Bid Due:
Time Due:
2:00 PM
Estimated Cost:

February 22, 2017 -Posted Bid Addendum No.5
February 22, 2017 - Posted Appendix B- Revised Bid Sheets
February 22, 2017-Posted Bid Addendum No. 4 with date change
February 10, 2017 - Posted Questions and Answers
February 8, 2017 - Posted Bid Addendum No.3
February 8, 2017 - Posted New Due Date
February 6, 2017 - Posted Bid Addendum No.2
January 27, 2017- Posted Bid Addendum No. 1 with Date Change
January 27, 20017-Posted Appendix B Revised Bid Sheets
January 26, 2017-Posted Bid Addendum No. 1 with date change
The bid proposal is attached as separate pdf files. We encourage you to copy them to your computer, and then click the instruction “Let OCA know that you have downloaded a bid package” below to notify us. Please be sure to complete this important process to provide us your U.S. postal address and email address to receive Bid Addendums to the bid proposal. If the proposal is changed, the Changed flag will appear on the Bid Listing page. Bid Addendums will be posted here. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to open or print these files. Acrobat Reader is available for free from Adobe’s website: If you have any questions, send an e-mail to “”.

Contact's Name
Gloria Gill

Contact's Phone, Fax, Email Address
(415) 701-4705

To obtain a bid package, download the attached files. Then use the e-mail link (below) to let the Office of Contract Administration (OCA) know - - that will get you on the mailing list for Change Notices. Include your postal mail address. Do not call the buyer to request a bid package. Call the buyer only to ask questions about this specific bid or the bid process.