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Consultants and Professional Services
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Assessing Affordability in the Existing Housing Stock in San Francisco
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6-9 months
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The Planning Department (“Department”) is seeking support in ongoing policy and planning work related to residential zoning controls and affordable housing policies. The Department has continued to research and pursue multiple studies to understand how to best create and maintain affordable housing for low-income and moderate-income households in the City. Recently, the Department’s efforts have focused on creating affordable housing opportunities through new construction. In addition, the City & County of San Francisco has worked to preserve existing rent-restricted, income targeted affordable housing through partnerships with nonprofit affordable housing developers and the Housing Authority. The goal of this study is to understand the remainder of the current housing stock that does not receive public subsidy and the residential makeup in that housing through both quantitative and qualitative analysis. By understanding characteristics of the existing housing stock and residents the City can pursue strategies to further preserve its affordability. The Department will direct this work over a six to nine month period, with outreach to key stakeholders conducted by the consultant. The Department is seeking a consultant with expertise in data analysis, convening focus groups, and creating and analyzing surveys.

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Belle La

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