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Bid NoBid TitleFunded by the American Investment and Recovery ActLBE Subcontracting GoalDue Date
Equipment, Supplies, and General Services (OCA)
45419-13/14Marina Coastal and Civil Engineering Design Services for the SF Marina East Harbor Renovation - New yes8/27/2015
16-000024-MQSkid Mounted Steam Cleaner - New  8/20/2015
16-000004-CDBrake, Caliper Assy for New Flyer Buses - New  8/14/2015
16-000038-MQAlignment Machine - New - Changed  8/13/2015
16000097 ORACLE EXADATA DATABASE MACHINE X5-2 (open)  8/12/2015
16-000033-MQPolyester Paper - New  8/11/2015
16-000015-CDTransformers for Transbay Terminal  8/7/2015
16-000020-MQ FTA Funded White Thermoplastic  8/5/2015
15-000671-CD notice of intent to awardChargepoint Dual Output Charging Stations - New  8/4/2015
CP 75961 notice of intent to awardAsphalt, Grindings, Concrete Dumping - New  8/4/2015
15-000416-CD notice of intent to awardTruck with Utility Body and Jetter - New  7/31/2015
15-000558-MQ notice of intent to awardWorkstations - New  7/31/2015
16-000013-CDOutdoor Prismasphere LED II Fixtures  7/31/2015
2654J911 Emergency Building Filter Rack Replacement  7/2/2015
Equipment, Supplies, and General Services
SFMTA 2015-67As-Needed Facility Open Workspace Furnishings - Changed yes8/11/2015
SFMTA 2015-57IFB for As-Needed Printed Production Materials (FTA) - Changed yes7/31/2015
SFMTA 2015-56IFB for As-Needed Printed Production Materials (Local Funding) Micro-LBE Set-Aside - Changed yes7/31/2015
Architects and Engineers
SFMTA 2016-02As-Needed Professional Architectural/Engineering Consulting Services - New yes8/28/2015
FPE16011Third Street Bridge Rehabilitation Project - Design, Environmental and Construction Support Services Request for Proposals (Federally Funded) yes8/21/2015
Concessions and Leases
NoneGarage Taxi Staging Area Mobile Catering Truck Lease  10/13/2015
NoneTerminal 3 Retail Marketplace Lease  9/16/2015
NoneInternational Terminal Specialty Retail Store Lease  9/16/2015
NoneBanking Center and ATM Lease RFB  8/26/2015
NoneDPW List of Construction Awards & Certificate of Completions - Updated 8/16/2012 - Changed  6/30/2025
NoneDPW Emergency Contractors List - Continuous Solicitation (Updated 9/19/08)  12/31/2020
NoneERROR yes8/20/2018
RFQ# DBI2012-13 Emergency ServicesDBI Emergency Contractors List  12/30/2017
NoneGSA Real Estate Division, Fire Protection, Fire Alarm & Security Systems Special Services - Continuous Solicitation  6/30/2017
NoneGSA Real Estate Division, Elevator and Escalator Special Services - Continuous Solicitation  6/30/2017
7731ARFQ - Moscone Convention Center Facilities Expansion Project Trade Subcontractors Packages - SEE DESCRIPTION FOR INDIVIDUAL TRADE PACKAGE INFORMATION - Changed  12/31/2015
7731ARFP - Moscone Convention Center Facilities Expansion Project Trade Subcontractors Packages - SEE DESCRIPTION FOR INDIVIDUAL BID PACKAGE INFORMATION - Changed  12/31/2015
FCP15105 3206VFCP15105 3206V South Park Renovation - New yes9/2/2015
323--SUBJECT TO THE NEW SF LOCAL HIRING POLICYO'Farrell Tower Senior Housing Renovation - New yes9/1/2015