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Bid NoBid TitleFunded by the American Investment and Recovery ActLBE Subcontracting GoalDue Date
Equipment, Supplies, and General Services (OCA)
TC 70800Automotive Glass - New  9/25/2017
TC60200 (Event# 00000106) Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus - New  9/18/2017
TC-81901 Fire Hoses OCA TC 81901 Fire Hoses  9/1/2017
TC 88761Fresh Pastries and Baked Goods  9/1/2017
TC 88405Disposable food containers, utensils, and service items  9/1/2017
CON17-018XCON17-018X Trash Can Replacement Project - New  8/30/2017
68301The Renaissance Can Replacement and Liners  8/25/2017
76053ADuctile Iron Gate Valves for Millbrae Yard  8/25/2017
18000001 - Notice of Intent to AwardPeak Generator - New  8/23/2017
86034 - Notice of Intent to AwardUnarmed and Armed Security Guard Services for Civic Center United Nations Plaza Market & Alemany Farmers' and Flea Market - New  8/21/2017
86161 - Notice of Intent to AwardMicro LBE Set Aside for Unarmed Security Guard Services for Parking Lots - New  8/21/2017
RFP96400Medical Waste Sterilizer /Compactor with Operational Lease  8/21/2017
71000Epoxy for San Francisco International Airport  8/21/2017
TC 89400Notice of Intent to Award TC 89400 - New  8/14/2017
Equipment, Supplies, and General Services
SFMTA 2018-02Concrete Rebar Scanner  10/16/2017
SFMTA-2018-01IFB Rail Signal Upgrade Equipment (Phase 2) FTA funded - New  9/21/2017
1000005894 PW FRNTR FXTR & EQUIP MGMT SVC yes9/1/2017
NoneRFP for Goodwill Industries Site (Market Octavia District): High Rise Residential Housing Development and Mid Rise Office Development, including: including Retail and Structured Parking (See Attachment for Bid Opportunities): RESIDENTIAL COMPONENT - New yes8/31/2017
SFMTA-2018-10IFB Single & Double Crossover Rail - New - Changed  8/25/2017
IFB SFMTA 2018-04Mobile Substation  8/25/2017
1000006602 [FPF17133]RFP for Tree and Landscape Watering at Various Locations [REBID] - Changed yes8/25/2017
IFB SFMTA 2018-16HVAC Removal and Replacement  8/23/2017
REG RFP #2017-01 Notice of Intent to AwardPreparing a Business Case for Developing an Accessible, Open Source Voting System - New  8/21/2017
NoneOCII Rincon Point/ South Beach Landscape Maintenance RFP - Changed  8/8/2017
765RFP- Heavy Cleaning and Pest Control Services for HSA  8/4/2017
OMCE RFP 2017-0701Temperature Monitoring System for the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner  7/26/2017
None160 Folsom Street – Subcontractor Bid Phase 2 - Changed  7/25/2017
SFMTA 2017-55Siemens Light Rail Vehicle Parts  7/17/2017
96648-17Resident Outreach  7/14/2017
Architects and Engineers
1000005894PW FRNTR FXTR & EQUIP MGMT SVC yes9/1/2017
11044.76SFO-BICE Office Relocation SUBJECT TO SF LOCAL HIRING POLICY yes8/24/2017
NoneHVAC/Misc Improvements at Bernal Heights Neighborhood Center  8/11/2017
11204.50 & 11204.51SFO- As-Needed Project Management Support Services (PMSS) yes8/7/2017
1000005864 PW Dsgn Svc Potrero Gtwy Prk - Changed yes8/1/2017
TBA681 Florida St - Affordable Housing Development - RFQ/RFP yes7/17/2017
TBAFD Haynes Apartments Renovation  7/14/2017