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Bid NoBid TitleFunded by the American Investment and Recovery ActLBE Subcontracting GoalDue Date
Equipment, Supplies, and General Services (OCA)
68381Biosolids & Grit Hauling Services - Changed yes10/30/2015
RFP 96300Body Worn Cameras Project - New  10/30/2015
16-000091-CDRepair of Overhead & Gantry Cranes  10/26/2015
16000296 Heavy-Duty Rescue Vehicle (amended)  10/23/2015
CP 76300Transformers - New  10/23/2015
CP 72306-AAlternative Fuel Vehicles - New  10/23/2015
75954Asphalt Products: Petroleum, Emulsions, Sealants & Concrete Base  10/23/2015
16-000090-MQField Rake - New  10/20/2015
16000389 WP SAFT FERAK NICD BATTERIES (open)  10/19/2015
16-000087-CDUnderground 15 KV Switches  10/16/2015
16-000088-CDUnderground Transformers  10/16/2015
CP 70884Renewable Diesel  10/16/2015
75712Small Water Meters - Changed  10/16/2015
CP 95604Forms Management - Changed  10/16/2015
16-000094-MQPad Mounted Transformers - New  10/15/2015
16000320 WP - CALIPER ASSY BRAKE SFMTA COACHES (open)  10/9/2015
16000319 WP Colt M4 Patrol Rifles (open)  10/9/2015
16-000096-CDTreated Douglas Fir Lumber (Rev. Taper) - Changed  10/9/2015
16-000081-CDPoles and Transformer Bases  10/9/2015
16-000083-CD12KV Switchgear - Changed  10/9/2015
16-000093-CDTreated Douglas Fir Lumber - Changed  10/9/2015
CP 83933 notice of intent to awardH.V.A.C. Air Filter Media - New  10/7/2015
Equipment, Supplies, and General Services
SFMTA IFB 2016-21TruSpeed S LIDAR and Stalker XS-X Series Standard LIDAR - New  10/16/2015
SFMTA 2016-18Articulating Stanchions IFB - New  10/13/2015
SFPD IS 2015-01Temperature Control Monitoring System with Installation and Training  9/30/2015
Architects and Engineers
FPA16031Request for Qualifications for Engineering Consultant Team for Fire Station No. 35 - New - Changed yes10/26/2015
IPM16015RFP for Review of Mural Paint on Electronic Cabinets - Changed  10/23/2015
FPE16011Third Street Bridge Rehabilitation Project - Design, Environmental and Construction Support Services Request for Proposals (Federally Funded) - Changed yes9/11/2015
Concessions and Leases
NoneInternational Terminal Food and Beverage Concession Lease  11/18/2015
NoneTerminal 3 Retail Marketplace Lease  10/28/2015
NoneGarage Taxi Staging Area Mobile Catering Truck Lease  10/13/2015
NoneDPW List of Construction Awards & Certificate of Completions - Updated 8/16/2012 - Changed  6/30/2025
NoneDPW Emergency Contractors List - Continuous Solicitation (Updated 9/19/08)  12/31/2020
NoneERROR yes8/20/2018
RFQ# DBI2012-13 Emergency ServicesDBI Emergency Contractors List  12/30/2017