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Bid NoBid TitleFunded by the American Investment and Recovery ActLBE Subcontracting GoalDue Date
Equipment, Supplies, and General Services (OCA)
RFP 824Emergency On-Call In-Home Supportive Services (IHSS) - New  2/15/2019
Event ID 0000001372/TC 81700OCA-MTA-Uniforms for SFMTA & Depts As Needed - Changed  2/8/2019
Event ID 0000001591Kubota Pipe and Fittings - New  2/4/2019
Event ID 0000001614OCA_DT_NON-IT 104209 FBR OTC - New  2/1/2019
Event ID 0000001604COMPACT TRACKED UTILITY LOADER - New  1/31/2019
Event ID 0000001592Remote-Controlled Track Drive Stump Grinder - New  1/30/2019
Event ID 00000016012-Passenger, 4-Wheel Electric Cart - New  1/30/2019
Event ID 0000001545Gate Valve Operator Mounted on a One Ton Extended Cab Truck (Qty of 5) - New  1/28/2019
Event ID 0000001520 Notice of Intent to AwardDT-IT-104511-Cisco UCS M5 blad - New  1/25/2019
Event ID 0000001556Towable Stump Grinder (Qty of 4)  1/25/2019
Event ID 0000001496 Notice of Intent to AwardSFO-AIR Flatbed Truck & crane - New  1/24/2019
Event ID 0000001422 Notice of Intent to AwardOCA_PUC_HHP_VVMS PV_101KW - New  1/23/2019
Event ID 0000001508 Notice of Intent to AwardEERC System - New  1/23/2019
Event ID 0000001557 Notice of Intent to AwardDEM - IT - LEFTA CTO Patrol Ap - New  1/22/2019
Event ID 0000001444 Notice of Intent to AwardSludge Sedimentation Assembly Parts - New  1/22/2019
Event ID 0000001336 Notice of NO AWARDTrailer Mounted 45 KVA Mobile Generator - New  1/18/2019
Event ID 000001174 Notice of Intent to AwardOCA_PUC_HHP_SFPA_Energy Storage System  1/18/2019
Event ID 0000001340 Notice of No AwardOCA_POL_BEAN BAG ROUNDS  1/18/2019
Event ID 0000001353 Notice of Intent to AwardSFO Interior Paint & Related Supplies  1/18/2019
Event ID 0000001379 Notice of NO AWARDTrailer-Mounted 25 kVA Mobile Generator (Qty of 2) - New  1/18/2019
Event ID 0000001534 125-Gallon, Oil-Jacketed, Towable Melter-Pavement Sealer with 100 CFM Screw Type Air Compressor - Changed  1/18/2019
Event ID 0000001552Skid Steer Loader  1/17/2019
Event ID 00000015606 x 4 Diesel Traditional Utility Vehicle  1/17/2019
Event ID 000000155416' Bed Equipment Trailer (Qty of 2)  1/14/2019
Event ID 0000001535 Notice of Intent to AwardLaminator  1/14/2019
Event ID 0000001084 (TC 95906) Notice of Intent to AwardEnvelopes; Printed, Recycled  1/11/2019
Event ID 0000001449/TC 70886Renewable Diesel - Changed  1/11/2019
Event ID 0000001418 Notice of Intent to AwardOCA PUC Gravity Belt Thickener Equipment Parts  1/10/2019
Event ID 0000001414 Notice of Intent to AwardPainting Shelters  1/10/2019
Event ID 00000015446 x 4 Diesel Traditional Utility Vehicle  1/10/2019
Event ID 0000001322 Notice of Intent to Award37,000 GVWR Secured Passenger Transport Bus  1/7/2019
Event ID 0000001329 (TC 68197) Notice of Intent to AwardTowing and Roadside Assistance for SFMTA Coaches and Trolleys (Revenue Vehicles) Micro-LBE Set-Aside  1/7/2019
Event ID 0000001327 (TC 68197) Notice of Intent to AwardTowing and Roadside Assistance for SFMTA Coaches and Trolleys (Revenue Vehicles) Micro-LBE Set-Aside  1/7/2019
0000000841 (TC 97501)OCA TC97501 Restaurant Supplies and Materials  1/7/2019
Event ID 0000001510High-Pressure Water Jetting Trailer Unit  1/4/2019
Event ID 0000001442Telescoping and Articulating Aerial Device on 19,500 lbs. Chassis  1/4/2019
Event ID 0000001433Horizontal Tub Grinder  1/4/2019
Event ID 00000013972-3 Yard Mini Dump Truck mounted on a One Ton Cab and Chassis, Qty of 5 - Changed  1/4/2019