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Bid NoBid TitleFunded by the American Investment and Recovery ActLBE Subcontracting GoalDue Date
Equipment, Supplies, and General Services (OCA)
SFGOV-0000000615SFPD RFI #2018-001 - Understanding Bias in Policing - New  3/30/2018
TC 70617Lubricants, Virgin and Re-refined Engine oil - Changed  3/12/2018
0000000379OCA TC77408 Lamps, Ballast & LED Luminaires  3/9/2018
0000000596HSA - CalFresh: 1235 Mission Chairs  3/2/2018
Event ID 575OCA-DPW- Trailer-Mounted Mobile Generator - New  3/2/2018
Event ID 593OCA-DPW-One Ton Cargo Van wt Electricians PKG - New  3/2/2018
Event ID 601OCA-REC-STANDON BLOWER - New  3/2/2018
0000000546 - Notice of Intent to AwardOCA_DT_FiberCables - New  2/27/2018
76053A - Notice of No AwardDuctile Iron Gate Valves for Millbrae Yard - New  2/23/2018
Event ID 586OCA-Sheriff-One Ton Cargo Van - New  2/23/2018
0000000591SFO-Truck with Stairs  2/23/2018
Event ID 583OCA-DPW- 1-Ton 3-Yard Mini Dump  2/23/2018
0000000554OCA-REC-Unmarked Police Utility with Upfitting  2/23/2018
0000000572OCA-REC-Marked Police Utility with Upfitting  2/23/2018
0000000576Engine, Cummins, ISB6.7 - New  2/23/2018
Event ID 577OCA-REC-Two (2) Towable Wood Chippers  2/23/2018
NoneRequest for Information (RFI) Enterprise Patch Management - Changed  2/20/2018
0000000403 - Notice of Intent to AwardPUC_HHWP_Deep Cycle Batteries  2/14/2018
0000000431 - Notice of No AwardKit, Driver's Barrier - Retrofit, Orion Hybrid  2/13/2018
0000000517 - Notice of Intent to AwardOutfitting of Ford E-250 Van  2/13/2018
0000000455 - Notice of No AwardOCA-REC-2 Passenger 4 Wheel Electric Cart  2/13/2018
Equipment, Supplies, and General Services
SFMTA-2017-4530-foot Coach Bus Procurement RFP (FTA) - Changed  3/30/2018
SFMTA 2018-42As-Needed Bus Parts - New  3/12/2018
SFMTA-2018-07 (IFB)Zero Waste Recycling General Services - Changed yes3/9/2018
NoneTrade Resource Reporting Equipment  3/8/2018
SFMTA 2018-44 (IFB)Breda - LRV Air Supply Unit Replacement  3/8/2018
SFMTA 2018-40Cable Loop Assembly - New  3/5/2018
RFP 2018-01Request for Proposals for Leasing or Renting a Voting System  2/28/2018
RFP 208Invest in Neighborhoods, Business Development, Economic Development and Workforce Development Grants  2/26/2018
Event ID 545OCA-DPW- Towable 185cfm Air Compressors  2/15/2018
SFMTA-2018-34 (IFB)Mild-Hybrid Insulated Aerial Bucket Truck - Changed  2/12/2018
County Clerk 2017-01City ID Card Enrollment and Issuance System  2/9/2018
SFMTA 2018-40Cable Loop Assembly (IFB)  1/29/2018
49-2017Pre-Qualified Lists for Non-Emergency Van Transportation Services for the San Francisco Department of Public Health  1/25/2018
SFMTA 2018-30Concrete  12/18/2017
JUV2017-01 (Revised)Electronic Monitoring Services and Case Management for Juveniles  12/12/2017
NoneHunters Point Shipyard Phase 1 Parks, Streetscape and Property Management - Changed  11/30/2017
SFMTA 2018-25Track Work Materials  11/20/2017