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Bid NoBid TitleFunded by the American Investment and Recovery ActLBE Subcontracting GoalDue Date
Equipment, Supplies, and General Services (OCA)
68614MOVING SERVICES; Office Furniture and Equipment - Changed  3/31/2016
89265Food & Food Service Items for Camp Mather - New  3/7/2016
16000955 3600 Gallon Street Water Flusher Truck (open)  3/4/2016
CP 83693Janitorial Services - One South Van Ness Avenue  3/4/2016
96713Office Supplies - New  2/29/2016
CP 75400LED Trafic Signal Lamps - New  2/29/2016
16000858 Rear Loading Refuse Collection Truck (amended)  2/26/2016
16-000191-CDBrush Clearing with Brontosaurus  2/26/2016
16-000194-CDVehicle Modesty Panels  2/26/2016
16001001 Trailer-Mounted Core Drill (open)  2/25/2016
16-000192-MQRoadside Mowing and Clearing  2/25/2016
16000989 Directional Message Sign Board (open)  2/23/2016
16000938 Pothole Patch Truck (amended)  2/22/2016
16-000176-CDLarge Integrated Scrubber-Sweeper - Changed  2/22/2016
NoneRFQ: StreetSmARTS Murals Pool  2/22/2016
16000912 Two (2) axle crew cab truck with attached service body (amended)  2/19/2016
16-000181-CDHead, Current Collector - Changed  2/19/2016
16000987 Toro Workman HDX-4WD (open)  2/17/2016
16-000189-MQRotary Screen Thickener  2/17/2016
RFP 96301 notice of intent to awardBody Worn Cameras Project - New  2/17/2016
WP 16000824 notice of intent to award7-9 Yard Dump Truck - New  2/17/2016
66325 notice of intent to awardSodium Hypochlorite - New  2/17/2016
16000947 Electric Cart Utiltity Vehicle (open)  2/16/2016
96712 Notice of NO AwardOffice Supplies - New  2/16/2016
Equipment, Supplies, and General Services
SFMTA IFB 2015-55Trailer Mounted Hydrastatic Drive Cable Puller - New  3/4/2016
RFP 50073SFO - Solid Waste Management Services  3/4/2016
IFB SFMTA 2016-48Rail Gear System, Crane, and Flatbed Body Extended Cab Truck  2/29/2016
SFMTA IFB 2016-35High Speed Currency & Coin Sorting Equipment - Changed  2/18/2016
NoneRFP for Goodwill Industries Site (Market Octavia District): Construction (Elevators, Exterior Building Maintenance Equipment, Trash Chutes, Pool/Spas and Wind Canopy): High Rise Residential Housing Development and Mid Rise Office Development, including: including Retail and Structured Parking - Changed  2/15/2016
Architects and Engineers
APA15091As-Needed Acoustical Engineering Services 2016 - Changed  3/3/2016
None2060 Folsom RFP: Architecture Sub-Consultants - New yes2/26/2016
APE16048As-Needed Mechanical Engineering Services 2016 - Changed yes1/14/2016
Concessions and Leases
NoneLake Merced West Request for Proposals  5/6/2016
NoneDPW List of Construction Awards & Certificate of Completions - Updated 8/16/2012 - Changed  6/30/2025
NoneDPW Emergency Contractors List - Continuous Solicitation (Updated 9/19/08)  12/31/2020