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Industrial Supplies
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This e-mail transmits an original term contract or an amendment to a term contract. Attached is the Award for Contract 74103 – Industrial Supplies. 1. How to use term contracts and pay the bills Departments are responsible for using term contracts correctly and for paying invoices only after departments have verified that the invoices accurately reflect what was ordered, what was received, and that the items'' prices are the prices in the contract. For more information, read the "Term contract reminder" memo, which is attached to this e-mail and posted in the Document Library (see item 4 below). 2. Don''t buy items on term contracts with federal funds Do not use any term contracts to purchase goods and/or services when using Federal, State or Special Funds. Term contracts may contain provisions that conflict with Federal or State provisions. City departments must contact their assigned City Attorney for applicable provisions, procedures and relevant fund requirements. 3. Don''t print the contract from inside your e-mail system There''s a risk it will cause your printer to print blank pages, and lots of them. Instead, save the document to your LAN and print it via your word processing program. 4. Finding contract documents in the Document Library on the Intranet All term contracts and amendments are posted in the Document Library. To get there, do the following: Go to http://mission.sfgov.org/doccenter Under the "View documents by" column on the left, click on Agency. Bookmark the page you''re taken to. On the pull-down menu, go down to "OCA" and you can see four categories related to term contracts: (1) OCA -- Term Contract: Read me first, and How to use term contracts (2) OCA -- Term Contracts, A-F (3) OCA -- Term Contracts, G-N (4) OCA -- Term Contracts, O-Z In the "Read me first" category, the first three documents are the most important: (1) "Introduction to term contracts." This is a procedural document, with an emphasis on ADPICS procedures. (2) "Term contract reminder." This is a memo from OCA, noting important policies and procedures departments must follow. We are attaching it to this e-mail. (3) "Term contract spreadsheet." This is a latest list of all term contracts. The term contracts themselves are alphabetized by the product or service. If you have any questions regarding this Award/ Modification, please contact Howard Tevelson, (415) 554-6740. HT/jnp

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